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The Guilty Pleasures Family

In order to provide a focus on event management and excellence in education, most functions are hosted by a dedicated subsidiary of Guilty Pleasures, LLC.

The Guilty Pleasures Stage Show

Our humble roots and the team of volunteers that provide outreach and positive experiences at the events or venues where the show or any subsidiary operates.


We offer a multitude of intriguing entertainment and educational options including, but not limited to:

  • Corporal punishment
    (flogging, caning, paddling, OTK, etc)


  • Electric play with a full collection of antique violet wands

  • Rope bondage basics
    (binding limbs, chest harnesses, and decorative rope)


  • Advanced rigging
    (full, partial, static, and dynamic suspensions)


  • Fire play
    (fire cupping, fire wanding, and fire flogging)

Availability of some show components is determined by venue.

Guilty Pleasures Presents

A new take on an educational staple in the Columbus and Central Ohio Kink Communities, Guilty Pleasures Presents (GPP) will provide one or more classes on an educational topic of interest, as well as the opportunity to practice skills related to the class or those of interest to the attendees. It provides a safe place where learning is a shared goal, and questions and mistakes are not judged, but seen as part of the process


Central Ohio Kinky Sports

A resource for kinksters in Central Ohio to participate in pseudo-athletic events with other kinksters. By that, we mean vanilla athletic events enjoyed with kinky friends.

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