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Some History... 


Guilty Pleasures (GP) started out as a live and interactive BDSM performance at a Goth industrial night club located in Columbus, Ohio known as Outland. The Stage Show, as it was often referred to, would allow patrons of the club to volunteer to be active participants in sadomasochistic activities as a part of the performance. Each of these scenes would be an opportunity to teach about various kink activities, as well as allow the participants to sample an experience tailored to their individual interest for exploration.


During the short stint between Outland 2 and Outland on Liberty, GP worked out of Catacombs, another club that was also located in Columbus, Ohio. During that time GP moved its weekly practice to the club and started to allow non-crew members to attend. This outreach was well received and the weekly practice started to grow into its own event. Unfortunately, Catacombs closed six months after opening and the show went dark beyond our yearly adventure to TRAUMA until opening again at Outland on Liberty.


Even though the show was dark, the weekly practice still carried on at a private home that housed a large dungeon space. In late September, 2010, a good friend of the Stage Show started a weekly meeting to teach and practice basic skills. GP quickly saw the value in this, and invited him and his group, The Monkey Puzzle Club (MPC), to join us at our weekly practice, thus enabling us to fulfill our educational mission to an even broader portion of the Columbus community. In May of 2012, MPC moved to The Room, which allowed us to have a slightly bigger attendance at our weekly classes.

In April 2011, GP and MPC teamed up with Club Princeton to bring our brand of education to a whole new scene, and without having to limit attendance. Our fire crew had been working with Club Princeton for some months already, but by collaborating we were able to bring more diverse offerings to this new audience. With this new venue, we were able to begin hosting not only an extra class every month, but also to follow it up with a play party with plenty of space to experiment, socialize, and get our kink on.

That same weekend, both GP and MPC participated in a community-wide event known as Bottom’s Buffet of Central Ohio at Outland on Liberty. This event offered anyone the chance to experience different styles of play in a safe way. Including floggers, whips, canes, electricity, fire cupping, drumming, spanking, rope bondage, and even suspension. The following spring, GP also participated in GRUE Columbus, also known as Graydancer’s Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza, again at Outland on Liberty. This event allowed anyone to come and teach, learn, or discuss any kinky topic that was on their mind.

2015 brought even more exciting expansion to Guilty Pleasures. With the closing of Outland on Liberty, our riggers lost access to high points from which to rig flying suspensions. At the beginning of 2015, we found a new venue, which we dubbed HighPoint. With the addition of this venue, we also added a new group - RopeLab, to expand the rope educational opportunities in Central Ohio, and beyond.

But something was still missing from the GP family. In September, we teamed up with Central Ohio Kinky Sports (COKS) to leverage the strengths of both organizations and deliver more events, activities, and educational instruction with the intent to improve the health, fitness, camaraderie, and fun of this thriving community.

At the end of October, 2015, The Room closed as the owners and several other members of the community prepared to open The Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression. At this time, MPC’s name changed to The Midweek Practice & Class, and we look forward to continuing our educational mission in the new Space.


In 2020, the Midweek Practice & Class moniker was retired in favor of moving to a monthly format called Guilty Pleasures Presents. Additionally our Fetish Foreplay Friday moved to occurring on the 3rd Friday of 1st month of the quarter. 


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