• thesser

Official announcement of the group/show going dark for the foreseeable future

It is hard to believe that it has been 611 days since our last FFF and 571 days since our last Wednesday night skill share on body painting.

During this time, Guilty Pleasures has been coasting for a bit, waiting on whatever happens next. However, it seems like it is time to accept that we really don’t have many good options to get back to doing what we did well under the current circumstances caused by the global health crisis.

Our show and its service to the Columbus community has come in many flavors, from offering brief tastes for those exploring at the various night clubs known as Outland to offering weekly peer to peer educational opportunities. While we were looking forward to serving the Columbus community again, it has become important to publicly acknowledge that, collectively, our volunteers and leadership don’t feel that returning to those in person offerings will be a possibility for the foreseeable future.

It has been an honor to serve Columbus and we look forward to being of service again.