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Changes for 2020

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Big changes have been set and approved for the upcoming new year.

First up, the Midweek Practice & Class is being retired in favor of a new monthly event, Guilty Pleasures Presents @ The Space. Guilty Pleasures Presents (GPP) will occur on the last Wednesday of the month and offer one or more classes around a central theme along with space for practice which made the Midweek Practice & Class so helpful. The January GPP will be on the 29th and focused on rope.

Fetish Foreplay Fridays will be moving to quarterly this year and occur on January 17th, April 17th, July 17th, and October 16th. Finally, we will continue to host our monthly bowling outing and munch on the first Friday of each month. Hope to see everyone out and of course please drop us a line if you have any questions!


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